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Kami sedang menyenaraikan seberapa banyak yang boleh, membantu usahawan/peniaga yg berminat untuk menyertai kami dalam industri pendigitalan menggantikan pengkomputeran.

SePeKi Project is environmental business field to fulfill social sake. It is continuous effort to keep environmental, social and economic toward sustainability development. Environmental practices are widely accepted by intellectual, entrepreneur, businessman, professional and different entities (race, gender, age, religion) in society. But there has environmental constraint in Malaysia which is living-cost. Socio-economy desperate user to choose cheaper and affordable prices. The production cost of affordable product is cheaper because it doesn’t require to consider pollutant waste treatment. Therefore, the first proactive step is to increase household income. Second, eco-product shall subsidized which could make price equal to conventional product. Third, introduce rebate and fourth is stressing education on crucial of environmental conservation. Education relocate to last action to be taken because the first three factors are main inhibitors to knowledge from been practice.

Antara bidang yang diperlukan

  1. Automotive
  2. Mechanical & electrical
  3. Civil (Renovation)
  4. Landscape
  5. Aircond, Chiller & cooling tower
  6. Food & Beverage
  7. Pertanian, Penternakan & Perikanan
  8. Web developer/designer/graphic etc
  9. IT & phone services

Sekiranya ANDA bukan bidang di atas tetapi ingin menyertai kami, tiada masalah kami akan bantu ANDA.


kami akan hubungi ANDA atau boleh hubungi 0135045713 / 01156742392

Future Investment Plan